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Electrical designing

In our electrical designing we always try to ensure most optimal solutions for investor's ideas and needs in accordance with the most modern and the best technical solutions relevant for the building in question. In order to be able to do that we are constantly perfecting our professional knowledge through further education and, if necessary, we also cooperate with both domestic and foreign experts in the field of electrical engineering.

Designing electrical substations and complex electrical plants, whether newly built or by reconstructing previously existing buildings, is primary area of our work. Because of our long experience and diverse knowledge on both standard and specific installations for distribution and production of electrical energy, renewable energy sources and control systems we are ready to answer all tasks regarding electrical design, including those of them that are most demanding.

Important segment of our business is planning of electrical installations in the construction of new or the conversion/modernization of already existing industrial plants. As it is apparent from the shortlist of our reference list we are experienced in planning and designing of electrical installations for buildings from various branches of industries, of both low and high degree of complexity and also of specifically demanding objects.

We are also making plans and designs for electrical installations for business offices, residential spaces, single apartments, family houses, vacation houses, large business and residential buildings with multiple units, regardless wether newly built or as part of reconstruction/adaptation of already existing buildings. Making of such designs, in accordance with investor's wishes and needs, can include plans of electrical installations of energetical instalations and lighting (distribution panels, electrical sockets, lighting fixtures and systems), communication instalations (telephone, internet, intercom and antennae/TV installations), security system instalations (fire detection and gas detection installations etc.), technical safety systems (alarms, video-surveillance, etc.) and also lightning protection systems. In order to assure highest quality of work and to fulfill requirements of functionality we constantly cooperate with architects and other engineers whose work is related to other kinds of installations like plumbing, heating and cooling, etc.


In accordance with Croatian Building Law we offer proffesional supervision over construction works regarding electrical installations and the control of contractual obligations fulfillment of contractors towards investors with taking appropriate measures and actions that insure their realisation.

Supervision covers controling the start of the works, construction checks in accordance with Buidling Permit and construction plans, visual inspections, control and inspection of construction documentation, inspection of manufacturing shops of the contractors and subcontractors outside the construction site, organizing of the control checks, taking measures that insure elimination of defects, cost control before, during and after completion of the construction, assessment of unpredicted costs and additional works, various reports and analysis, completing documentation needed for technical inspections as well as technical inspection itself and all other activities and tasks required by the investor.


We offer to our clients proffesional consulting in electrical engineering area for the purpose of introducing the investors with best and optimal solutions, control of construction quality and also quality and quantity of built-in equipment.

Consulting includes financial and technical consultations regarding planning, construction and use of the building; choosing, linking and coordinating work of project designers, supervisors and contractors; securing, obtaining or making of documents, analysis, studies and other papers needed for making of design projects; obtaining of all legal documents and certificates of quality needed for procurement of the equipment and contractors performance of nesessary work during the construction; insuring all necessary preliminary works needed for successfull completion of technical inspection and handing over the completed building to the investor.


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